Magisteries are created to balance the Sulfur, or Soul level of being. In people, this corresponds to our most subtle level of being, our eternal aspects and our level most in contact with the realm of archetype or the divine.

In plants, the Sulfur level corresponds to the most etheric attributes of the plant, its blueprint of action and planetary archetype ruling its effects. Magisteries are a very refined and sophisticated communication of planetary energy as interpreted through the plant kingdom. Their effects are not bound by individual herbal properties, relating instead to an entire expression of all attributes relative to each planet.

In creating our Magistery-level Spagyrics, we refine and purify all possible plant constituents in a year-long process, creating subtly different Magisteries each time. The resulting Spagyric, in 95% alchohol from Biodynamic Grape Wine, is used at a dosage of 2-3 drops, twice daily. The basic 5 ml. size lasts approximately six weeks. Specific herbs available for each planet vary, but each brings an understanding of the archetype to which it is connected.

Magisteries are used to balance very deep-set issues, whether inherited or Karmic, and work according to planetary archetypal rulership more than individual plant effect. They affect the chakras, and can be used by healthy persons as part of spiritual practice, as well.

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Sun Magistery - Rosemary

Sun Magistery - Rosemary

Herb: Rosemary - Rosmarinus officinalis Vintage: 2001, limited Ruler: Sun Day: Sunday Chakra: Solar Plexus Archetype: charisma, positive outlook,...

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